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Myers Hunting Services, Inc.,  Colorado 81638,  United States, Deer, Mule deer, Elk

Myers Hunting Services, Inc.

Colorado 81638, United States
Deer, Mule deer, Elk

The hunting area includes our lifetime home and ranching headquarters, the Gilmar
Ranch, located 14 miles south of Craig, Colorado and 6 miles east of Hamilton,
Colorado on the Williams Fork River, and private land hunting leases on several
adjacent ranches, all located in portions of GMU's 12 and 13. In addition to
having a large year round resident elk and deer population, the ranch is
located on natural migration routes of the large White River elk and deer
herds. The terrain is mountainous and rugged with elevations ranging from
6,300 to 8,200 feet. Vegetation includes everything from sagebrush and
juniper to oak brush, aspen stands and some pine. The weather is varied and
can include all types of conditions. The location,terrain, and vegetative
cover of the ranch all contribute to excellent deer and elk hunting
opportunities. Our experience as 3rd generation ranchers enable us to use
our ranch and other resources to help the hunter have an enjoyable and
successful hunting trip. Since we live and work here, we are familiar with
the game, their habits, migration patterns, and the terrain. We have several
nice cabins and houses that are used for our hunting camps. Electricity,
water, and shower facilities are available. To help insure the quality
hunting , we limit the number of hunters on the ranch. For safety reasons
we insist on safe hunting practices, good sportsmanship, and do not use
horses. Our hunting areas are accessed by 4-wheel drive truck and on foot.
We are privileged to have one of the best hunting areas in Colorado which
has consistently produced excellent harvests of big-game for many decades.

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