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Northedmonton Outfitters,  Alberta T0 G 2 A0,  Canada, Bear, Wolf, Canada moose, Moose, Black bear, White tail deer

Northedmonton Outfitters

Alberta T0 G 2 A0, Canada
Bear, Wolf, Canada moose, Moose, Black bear, White tail deer

Dear Fellow Hunter,
Thank-you for your enquiry on a hunt with North Alberta Outfitters Inc. I hope our website will give you a good idea of what we have to offer, and the area we hunt. However, not every client we take will have 100% satisfaction, but the long term repeat bookings are a good indication of a quality outfit. The pictures on this website will give you an idea of the trophies our area holds, and the tremendous potential it has!

The area you will be hunting in is the same area I was born and raised in, not like many Outfitters who live in other parts of the country. We live in the area we hunt. My wife Lisa, and myself, are full time outfitters; this is not a hobby, but a full time business. What you receive when you book a hunt with us is our full time attention, and dedication, to insure you get an opportunity at a trophy animal. We cannot control the weather or Murphy's law, what we can do is give you tremendous effort on our part to make your trip successful. This means hunting you in an area that holds quality trophy animals of the species you choose to hunt.

When you book a hunt with us, you are getting experience, dedication, and professionalism. We expect you to be successful, and enjoy yourself to the fullest. We believe in fair chase hunting, and you will experience the finest. Our crew consists of a team of guides, camp cooks, helpers, and my wonderful wife who keeps things running when I am in the bush. Our guides have worked with us for many years, and when we hire new ones, we seek references, and do a very thorough check. The guides are familiar with the hunting territory, and will only hunt you where there are trophy animals to be found. We only hunt areas that we would hunt ourselves.

The pictures in the brochure represent some of our larger animals, as I know you won't be interested in the smaller ones. We know all the Whitetails will not all go 200 B & C or the moose 55", but you will be hunting an area that does have them, and we will take some of these each and every year! Our Deer hunts are producing the finest trophies anywhere in the world. We are producing great quality Canadian Moose, as well as the best in trophy Black bears. Our area is so large that we cannot possibly hunt the whole thing. I can take you to a different place each day, for the whole season, and still not see even a fraction of it. This helps with managing our area for quality! Upon your arrival in camp, you will be greeted by my wife, along with our 4 children, TJ. Paige, Thomas, and Sutton and myself. We will make your stay as comfortable as possible and you will be treated like family. This is why we have the high repeat bookings

Camps and equipment are in excellent condition, and food is always in great demand, with lots of good home cooked meals. The kitchen is always open with lots of grub to eat.

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