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Nuthampstead Shooting Ground,  Bulls Farm Cottage,  United Kingdom, Clay target, Deer

Nuthampstead Shooting Ground

Bulls Farm Cottage, United Kingdom
Clay target, Deer

Situated in North East Hertfordshire, Nuthampstead Shooting Ground was founded in 1987. Since 1992, when planning permission was granted, the ground has developed into holding major championships in four international shooting disciplines.

Initially it was built to enable British teams to practice and compete on similar equipment found elsewhere in the world, the Ground has now developed facilities for beginners up to Olympic Champions. And we are proud to have been involved in the selection of British teams for the last 20 years, for the Olympic and Commonwealth Games.

The shooting ground also offers beginners to come and have a go. After the success of shooting at London 2012 and the coverage of clay shooting more people want to try their aim! The school provides a wide range of guns for any age, safety equipment and cartridges

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