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Ohio Premier Trophy Outfitters,  Ohio 45693,  United States, Turkey, Deer, Coyote, White tail deer

Ohio Premier Trophy Outfitters

Ohio 45693, United States
Turkey, Deer, Coyote, White tail deer

We are Ohio Premier Trophy Outfitters (OPTO) have spared no expense creating the ideal whitetail habitat. Our sanctuary is privately managed and allows for free range whitetail hunting. The terrain ranges from gently rolling land to steep ridges and valleys. OPTO has a mixture of agriculture (corn and soybean) and timber acreage. Acres of food plots have been planted, water sources strategically placed and a variety of hunting stands (including hang on, ladder stands, shooting houses and ground blinds), perfect for a successful whitetail deer hunting experience.

Our experienced whitetail guides spend countless hours patterning our deer herd, collecting all the recovery hunting intel to ensure the greatest chance for a successful harvest of a mature deer. To maintain our herd, only trophy deer are to be taken, 140+ gross. As part of your OPTO experience, our guides will spend time with all hunters reviewing placement and trail cams, acquainting the hunters with our deer and educating on age and tips on size recognitions. OPTO owns and leases thousands of acres which is scouted year round. Our staff not only works for you during your hunt but all year round.

Ohio sells all their hunting licenses over the counter. They may be purchased at the time of your OPTO check-in. Ohio non-resident hunting license and one deer tag costs $125; an additional deer tag cost is $24. Ohio does not have a lottery for tags. Click on ODNR for more information on hunting information.

Freshly prepared meals by our staff await you after your hunts. OPTO's Lodge, Cabin and surroundings offer picturesque views and simple luxury. Our experienced guide staff lead two hunts a day in deer season. Lodging, all meals, as well as field dressing your trophy, are included in the cost of your hunt. All transportation to and from the stand is provided. We have a well-respected taxidermist who we refer our clients to. Fully equipped Scent Room is available. A 30 Archery course is on the grounds, as well as a hot tub to relax between hunts.

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