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Paraguay Pigeon Hunting , Gualeguaychú,  Argentina, Pigeon, Dove

Paraguay Pigeon Hunting

Gualeguaychú, Argentina
Pigeon, Dove

Paraguay is without a doubt the wildest pigeon hunts you will find anywhere and without a doubt one of the best pigeon areas in the world! Our outfitter here is none other than legendary guide Erik von Sneidern. Erik has run dove and pigeons hunts for the past 30 years in Colombia, Bolivia and now Paraguay and he really know how to run a hunting operation. Erik’s field expertise is second to none and he can be considered the original field lunch “Asado” superstar who everyone else has tried to copy

Paraguay is a small South American country, located in the middle of the continent. It is rich in agriculture, especially sorghum, peanuts and corn. During the short season, hundreds of thousands of pigeons migrate in from the Chaco region of Argentina to feed on the grain with the peanuts and sorghum being the favorite food of the big Picazuro and blue/gray pigeons.

Picazuro Lodge consists of eight single occupancy guest rooms, two separate dining facilities and plenty open areas to sip libations and discuss the days shoot. The best part is this new lodge is right in the middle of the shooting area allowing unlimited shooting fields. The lodge also boasts its own landing strip so the transfers from Asunción to the lodge are easy and comfortable. Remember that you are in the middle of the Paraguayan Chaco so while the lodge so while the lodge is very comfortable and has everything you need it is not fancy but the perfect pigeon hunting lodge.

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