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Parker Ranch,  Waimea,  United States, Chukar, Grouse, Quail, Turkey, Pheasant, Dove, Francolin, Goat, Wild boar

Parker Ranch

Waimea, United States
Chukar, Grouse, Quail, Turkey, Pheasant, Dove, Francolin, Goat, Wild boar

In addition to being the birthplace of Hawaii ranching, Parker Ranch is comprised of 130,000 plus acres of beautiful pastures and wildlife habitat. Under the shadow of Mauna Kea, the world’s tallest mountain from its underwater base to its summit (13,796 feet), big game, wild turkeys and upland birds thrive.

The Island of Hawaii is home to a wide variety of game birds, affording hunting opportunity that can be experienced in few other places. Fourteen varieties of winged game, of all sizes, shapes, and origins are presently available to Parker Ranch hunters. Some have existed on the island 150 years or more, others less than 50. Many share a common habitat. In a single hunting excursion, one may experience the explosive flush of a 3-ounce Japanese quail alongside the impressive rise of a 20-pound wild turkey. This large selection of game, coupled with the Ranch’s varied habitat, provides challenge for both the novice and experienced upland game bird hunter.

There are two game mammals available to hunt on Parker Ranch: Pigs and Wild Goats.
Pigs were introduced to the Hawaiian Islands by Polynesian voyagers about 1500 years ago. Mauna Kea pigs are believed closest descendants of the original arrivals, while their forest dwelling cousins sometimes exhibit size and coloration characteristics of escaped domestic swine. Mauna Kea boars found on Parker Ranch are noted for their long blades (tusks), sometimes approaching 6 inches in length. Average weight of these mountain pasture boars is 120 pounds. They are predominately black in color, although an occasional dark brown animal is seen.

Goats were introduced to Hawaii by Captain James Cook in 1778. They were well known in Hawaii by 1793, and reported as abundant by 1850. From 1844 to 1900, 1,581,000 goat skins were exported from the Hawaiian Islands. Goat control programs were placed into effect early in the 20th Century.

Parker Ranch goats are descendants of gifts to Hawaii kings by Cook, Vancouver, and others. The animal known today as Capra hircus seems to be a mixture of at least three different wild goats from different parts of the Old World. Billies weigh about 100 pounds and can have horn lengths of 30 inches.

We have maintained a 98 percent success rate on our big game hunts.

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