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Parque Diana Patagonia Argentina

The owner says

Parque Diana could be called one of the pioneers in the quest for record trophies in the Americas. Founded by German Consul Dr. Carl Adolf Vogel, who was in search of wide open spaces which could no longer be found on the European continent, acquired 85,000 hectares in the virgin woods of Patagonia. Conservation might have been Consul Vogel’s main motive to build Parque Diana, but his quest for excellence is easy to notice when he began his search for the best (and ONLY the best) trophy Red Deer in England, Austria and Hungary. Over 5 species of deer, goats and wild sheep were selected in the European tradition and shipped by boat first to Buenos Aires (capital of Argentina) and then 1,600km by land to the new reserve he decided to name Parque Diana. Red deer adapted well to Patagonia and found an environment which nurtured record/monster stags. Worldwide hunters found in Parque Diana world-class service (accommodation, food, hospitality, etc.), monster red stags, and the most sought for species (Mouflon, Alpine Ibex, Fallow Deer, Pere David Deer).

Parque Diana logged the first entry for the SCI Record book in South America. The park was founded 1963 and people have been hunting there even before the park was officially created. In fact, Parque Diana is the longest standing hunting resort in Argentina with guests from all over the world (mainly Germany, Austria, Spain and the US). Our staff and guides have over 70 years of combined experience to better serve our guests.

Parque Diana is located on the lake district of Patagonia near San Martin de los Andes. It is different from any other Patagonia location due to the microenvironment created around the lakes. The rest of Patagonia can be pretty desertic.

Red deer
Red deer
Pere david deer
Pere david deer
Fallow deer
Fallow deer
Mouflon sheep
Mouflon sheep
Wild boar
Wild boar

Bow hunting
Bow hunting


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Terms of payment

A deposit of 50% of the daily rates for the contracted number of hunting days or the package price is required to confirm your booking. The balance is due no later than 45 days before the reservation date.


Parque Diana always recommends hunt insurance in case of cancellation. However, if you cancel your hunt 90 days before the scheduled hunt date, your deposit will be refunded (less a $200 US service fee). If you cancel with less than 90 days but more than 45 days prior to the hunt, only half of your deposit will be refunded (less a $200 US service fee). The remaining half of your deposit may be credited toward the same contracted hunt within the following year (as approved by Parque Diana). Unfortunately, cancellation with less than 45 days of the hunt date will result in a total loss of your deposit.

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