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Pete Jensen Outfitting,  Whitehorse,  Canada, Dall sheep, Grizzly, Bushpig, Moose, Caribou, Wild boar

Pete Jensen Outfitting

Whitehorse, Canada
Dall sheep, Grizzly, Bushpig, Moose, Caribou, Wild boar

We hunt Sheep (dall & fannin) Moose, Caribou and Grizzly. All hunting is done by horseback, except for climbing. We have primitive cabins scattered throughout the area. Some of the camps site may be tents. These hunts are like the old time hunts you read about. It is a great opportunity to experience what the pioneers lived. In the Yukon each hunter has to have a guide. We usually only take 4 hunters at one time. We can do photo trips also. The trips are 10 and 14 days long, photo trips would be 7 days. Hunting season is August-October. The weather is warm at the beginning of the season and will have some snow by the end of the season.

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