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Pokiak Guiding & Outfitting,  Tuktoyaktuk,  Canada, Grizzly, Yak, Musk ox, Polar bear

Pokiak Guiding & Outfitting

Tuktoyaktuk, Canada
Grizzly, Yak, Musk ox, Polar bear

James Pokiak, born on one of the Arctic Islands, is Inuvialuit. He lived the traditional lifestyle as he was growing up in Tuktoyaktuk. As a young adult, he hunted and ran trap lines with his brothers or community elders. He and his children have guided canoe trips, and whitewater rafting trips on northern rivers. James has been actively involved in hosting big game hunters for over thirty years. Hunting clients from around the world have successfully bagged caribou, muskox, grizzly bear, and polar bear in the Tuktoyaktuk hunting area.

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