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Polar Bear Hunting, Antarctica, Yak, Musk ox, Polar bear

Polar Bear Hunting

Yak, Musk ox, Polar bear

Of the world’s carnivores, Polar Bear are the largest and most fearless of the great bears. They inhabit the harshest and most inhospitable terrain on earth, circumnavigating the northern Polar Region.
This is, by far, the toughest hunt on earth and not for the weak at heart! Hunting the arctic ice pack by dog team and sled you can experience temperatures to –40F with nothing between you and the elements but a canvas tent and the clothes on your back.

But if you are a dedicated hunter, willing to endure the physical and mental challenges required, the reward can be the most prestigious of all trophies.
Musk ox, remnants of the Ice Age also inhabit only the Polar Regions of the far north. They can be taken individually or in combination with Polar Bear.

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