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Pro Hunt Llc,  Almaty Region,  Kazakhstan, Rainbow trout, Roe deer, Ibex, Bighorn sheep, Wild boar

Pro Hunt Llc

Almaty Region, Kazakhstan
Rainbow trout, Roe deer, Ibex, Bighorn sheep, Wild boar


Kazakhstan is the 9th biggest country in the world. It is a real heaven for hunters and it is notable for a wide variety of climates and biotopes. Almost all types of hunt exist in Kazakhstan. We are pleased to offer hunting games in the best hunting farms and in the State National Parks.

Developed infrastructure allows us to offer our clients high level service. Company has its own hunting grounds, specialized auto-motorcycle park, satellite communications terminal, highly experienced guides and conductors. In addition, hunting store, taxidermy laboratory and restaurant of national cuisine are included in the company structure.

We also offer our guests historical tours and fishing in the delta of the Ili River.

Hunting season in Kazakhstan starts in August 1 and lasts till January 1. The climate is sharp continental, the temperature varies within a day from subzero temperature at night till +20 in the daytime.

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