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Rainsford Hunting,  Copenhagen,  Denmark, Reindeer, Kudu, Musk ox

Rainsford Hunting

Copenhagen, Denmark
Reindeer, Kudu, Musk ox

Greenland is one of the easiest countries, when it comes to putting a hunting trip together. The outfitters often speak fluent English and are quick to respond to any emails that might drop into their mailboxes from interested trophy hunters.

Besides the non-existent language barrier, Greenland is one of the least complicated countries in the world in terms of importing hunting weapons! Just a few hundred metres from the international airport of Kangerlussuaq, you can even go directly into the Pillersuisoq (the local grocer’s) and buy both a hunting rifle and ammunition.

This relaxed approach to arms is a hallmark of the society as a whole, since it is steeped in thousands of years of hunting culture.

As a hunting destination, the country features some of the most wonderful hunting and outdoor experiences you could imagine. Crystal clear air, endless open spaces, a high density of game and an unrivalled tolerance of hunters are just some of this hunting destination’s many strengths.

The hunting usually consists of spot and stalk and tends to be concentrated around tented camps or small cabins, where, after hunting, you can prepare your trophies and cook the game or fish you caught during the day.

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