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Red Stag Patagonia,  San Martín De Los Andes,  Argentina, Dove, Red deer

Red Stag Patagonia

San Martín De Los Andes, Argentina
Dove, Red deer

Launched in 2010, Red Stag Patagonia offers hunters unique and exciting hunting programs. Our programs in Chile and Argentina are carefully developed to provide truly wild hunts in the splendor of South America.

Red Stag Patagonia is brought to you by the team at David Denies Wingshooting and their partner Sebastian F Casado. For 25 years David Denies has been running some of the finest bird shooting lodges in South America and has deservedly built a reputation for providing world class sport supported by impeccable service and lodging.

Sebastian F Casado is a passionate big game hunter and outdoorsman with more than 10 years experience organizing hunts in Argentina and Chile. It’s a winning combination that we believe will set new standards in South American big game hunting.

Our hunting lodge is located within a 100,000-acre family owned estancia in the high desert foothills of the Andes. Situated in the province of Neuquen, approximately 40 miles southeast of San Martin de los Andes, the ranch is a 2hr drive from Bariloche and San Martin airports.

The surrounding landscape includes lush green valleys irrigated by small creeks, set against a backdrop of high peaks. It is these rich pastures that concentrate the game, in particular the red stag that come here to feed. Aside from the red stag, the area is inhabited by a wide variety of animals such as Guanacos (a type of Llama), Choique (ostrich), Wild Boar, Pumas, Foxes and much more.

The Red Stag hunting season occurs during the rut—known in Argentina as the brama. The vast estancia is entirely un-fenced and hunters typically encounter several herds of deer throughout the day. Pairs of hunters are accompanied by one of our guides, with an intimate knowledge of the terrain. Guests will move to the chosen hunting grounds by a combination of trucks and horses and then progress on foot for the hunt.

Hunters will stay in a newly refurbished house, close to the main estancia. With wood stoves and a cozy living room. This simple but comfortable lodge is the perfect place to unwind after a day’s hunting.

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