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Royal Dream Tours, Hurghada,  Egypt, Mallard, Duck, Coot, Teal

Royal Dream Tours

Hurghada, Egypt
Mallard, Duck, Coot, Teal

We will be doing the scouting for you and the exact hunt place to be announced one day before every hunt.
Please note that season begins September to October, then last week of November till the end of February
Imagine yourself setting in one of Royal Dream professionally placed wooden blinds just inches from water level. The sound of wild life abound as the sun slowly rises in the east, casting warm and penetrating light across the horizon. Suddenly, the sky comes alive as ducks begin to move from rice fields into the general area. Before you know it, a flock of seven ball spring and four green heads have set their wings and are rapidly descending from above with their feet down determined to land in your pond. It does not get much better than this. The rest is up to you.

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