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Shooting In Europe, Aberdeenshire,   Palliser Road,  United Kingdom, Pheasant, Duck, Red deer, Chamois, Roe deer, Fallow deer, Mouflon sheep, Wild boar

Shooting In Europe, Aberdeenshire

Palliser Road, United Kingdom
Pheasant, Duck, Red deer, Chamois, Roe deer, Fallow deer, Mouflon sheep, Wild boar

The Shooting in Europe experience combines the best in sporting adventure with luxury hospitality in the beautiful Eastern European countryside.

The Shooting in Europe team has been organising top quality sporting trips for the past decade and offers many of Eastern Europe’s premier driven shooting estates.

From the 25th of October, enjoy two to five days shooting and hunting excursions to Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. The Slovak season extends until the last day in February and the Czech and Hungarian seasons extend to the middle of January.

Each trip is tailored to your unique sporting requirements and includes back-to-back driven pheasant days for groups of five to eleven guns. In addition, you can extend your stay and enjoy a mixed game day to include wild boar, mouflon and deer hunting during December and January. Roe deer stalking is available during the summer months.

After your exhilarating day’s shooting we invite you to enjoy the spa services, the beautiful local attractions and, as a final flourish to end the day, a candle-lit dinner in one of our stunning chateaux.

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  • John 20 Jun 2015


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    Having shot Western Europe, I wanted to give Eastern Europe a try. I booked a hunt through Ben Meike of Shooting in Slovakia and certainly was happy with the results. We were met at the airport in Vienna, bringing in our own shotguns was a breeze, and we took a wonderful ride through hill and dale to Chateau Bela, a completely restored, magnificent structure, and our home for the next three days. The rooms were the best I have found in Europe and that is saying something. The staff could not have been more accommodating, and the shooting was fantastic, especially for the American shooter, unaccustomed to the 'high' bird shooting of Western Europe. Here the birds were 20 to 40 yards high or higher, and while challenging to some extent, an average shooter could hit all he wanted, and/or wanted to pay for. There were some excellent drives with challenging birds and some easier drives to make sure the inexperience got their chances as well. Great lunches in the farm house on the grounds. Overall, a top notch quality outing.