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Skeena Meadows Wildlife Preserve,  New Hazelton,  Canada, Geese, Partridge, Pheasant, Duck, Salmon, Steelhead

Skeena Meadows Wildlife Preserve

New Hazelton, Canada
Geese, Partridge, Pheasant, Duck, Salmon, Steelhead

Skeena Meadows Wildlife Preserve is a breathtaking 685 acre property uniquely situated on the banks of the world famous Skeena River, in British Columbia, Canada. The Skeena is British Columbia’s second largest river and one of the most important salmon and steelhead rivers in the world. Featuring 4 kilometres of riverfront, Skeena Meadows is nestled in a valley and bordered on one side by this world-class river and surrounded by spectacular mountain views and wildlife.
The property encompasses a wide diversity of environments including large growth forest, fields, grasslands, natural meadows and wooded hillsides. A year-round salmon spawning stream which is also home to Cutthroat, Dolly Varden, Rainbow Trout and Coho flows through the property, bringing added enjoyment and beauty.
As a pheasant preserve, Skeena Meadow’s varied fields, meadows and grasslands are well-populated with birds, and we are one of the only pheasant shooting preserves in all of northern British Columbia. In addition, migratory geese visit the property for several weeks in the fall, and the local area also sports a strong grouse population. Wildlife is also abundant, as moose, bear, white tail and mule deer inhabit the property and are regularly seen.
For discerning anglers, shooters and outdoor enthusiasts, Skeena Meadows offers unlimited potential for sport, recreation and exploration in a private, secluded and stunning setting.

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