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Solei Turism, Chisinau,  Moldova, Pheasant, Carp, Wild boar

Solei Turism

Chisinau, Moldova
Pheasant, Carp, Wild boar

Common interests have always united people of different ages and nationalities. Hunting is an international language that shortens the distances and makes people closer. Moldova is a place where hunters from all over the world would meet and after leaving would recall the nice experience they had on a peaceful and hospitable piece of land.
To be allowed to hunt on the territory of the Republic of Moldova the foreign citizens shall comply with the following conditions:
a. Be a member of Hunters Association in the country of origin and be able to confirm the status;
b. Hold a lawful license to own a weapon in one`s country;
c. Hunt with one`s personal weapon registered in the
d. Join the Hunters and Fishermen Association of the Republic of Moldova;
e. Hold an European Medical Insurance Agreement.
f. Enter into a respective Agreement to participate at the
hunt with hunting land owners or the agency that offers the services. On the basis of this agreement the hunter is given the membership certificate.

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