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Sonora Hunt,  ,  Mexico, Red deer, Oryx, Mule deer, Axis deer, Bighorn sheep, Fallow deer

Sonora Hunt

, Mexico
Red deer, Oryx, Mule deer, Axis deer, Bighorn sheep, Fallow deer

chamois hunting is without a doubt one of the most beautiful game in the world. our country, with its vast green wooded areas and high hills offers perfect living environment for chamois, deer and roebuck. chamois living in slovenia pride themselves with relatively strong horns, thus it is quite easy to hunt a chamois with 90-100 cic points. hunters from all over europe, who have experienced hunting in slovenia, claim there is no place more beautiful for chamois or alpine deer hunting. if you like living an adventurous life, there is always an option of staying in one of the hunting cabins at the centre of the hunting grounds. if you also like fishing, you will certainly enjoy our blue-green rivers full of trout, grayling and magnificent danube salmon. slovenia is a country with 2 million residents, 25 thousand of whom are hunters. most hunters are members of the so called hunting clubs, which have 50-150 members, depending on the size of the hunting grounds. moreover, there are national hunting grounds, which mostly deal with hunting tourism. tourist guides in national hunting grounds are professional hunters with more than 30 years of experience, who know their districts like the back of their hand. although the difficulty of the terrain might sometimes cause problems to some hunters, the professional guides have it all covered. a great example is the story of a handicapped hunter on a wheelchair, who managed to hunt two chamois in one day. you are invited to read more about game and hunting in slovenia.

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