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Soval Estate, Isle Of Lewis, Aberdeenshire,  Na H Eileanan An Iar,  United Kingdom, Grouse, Woodcock, Salmon, Trout, Deer

Soval Estate, Isle Of Lewis, Aberdeenshire

Na H Eileanan An Iar, United Kingdom
Grouse, Woodcock, Salmon, Trout, Deer

Shooting is available from 12 August for grouse and snipe. All the shooting is walked up over pointers. The terrain comprises of rough hill ground rising from sea level to 900ft. The Estate has 3 pointers and guests may certainly bring their own dogs as well. The shooting extends to 75,000 acres of moorland. All this ground is only shot once during the season which with careful shooting over the years has meant that the grouse stocks have remained consistent. Where possible, old birds are killed which normally is the first bird up, and no more than 1.5 brace or half the birds seen are shot out of a covey. The allocated bag is between 12 and 15 brace per week of grouse available for each party with no more than 3 guns shooting at any one time over a point. Guests may keep the first 10 brace of grouse shot. Flighting is also available for ducks and the increasing number of geese.

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