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St. Hubertus Hunting Tours,  Plzeň 3,  Czechia, Red deer, Chamois, Other, Roe deer, Fallow deer, Mouflon sheep

St. Hubertus Hunting Tours

Plzeň 3, Czechia
Red deer, Chamois, Other, Roe deer, Fallow deer, Mouflon sheep

Our mission is to guarantee a top-notch hunting stay according to our customers’needs and wishes. The form that customers are required to fill in with their requests was purposely created with that aim. On the other hand, the site has the ambitious goal of disclosing the world of hunting in the Czech lands (the current Bohemia, Moravia and Slesia), and its traditions.

The knowledge of hunting world allows the users to simultaneously learn about the past and present history of the Czech Republic, its architectural and landscape gems including those who are often excluded from traditional sightseeing tours. All this while maintaining hunt’s central role. Recently, UNESCO included hunt in the Czech Republic among humanity’s heritage. The prestigious internationalinstitution , recognized that hunt in Czech lands is deeply intertwined with history, art, culture, religion, cuisine and inhabitants’ life . Just think about traditions handed down from father to son, hunting castles, hunting themed paintings, St. Hubert’s cult, hunting music, old recipes based on game or hunting fashion as well.

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