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Stalker Group Ltd, Moscow,  Russia, Wolf, Brown bear, Lynx, Moose, Black bear, Elk, Sheep, Wild boar

Stalker Group Ltd

Moscow, Russia
Wolf, Brown bear, Lynx, Moose, Black bear, Elk, Sheep, Wild boar

the north of Asia, neighbouring 16 countries and having world’s longest land border about 60,000 km (over 37,000 miles). A quarter of world’s forests are concentrated in Russia, which is more than in any other country; their wide tracts stretch continuously from the western borders till the Pacific Ocean. Russia’s coasts are bathed by the waters of 12 seas; the country has dozens of thousands of rivers and about 2 million lakes, among which are the Caspian Sea, the biggest lake in the world, and Baikal, world’s deepest fresh-water lake.
We are glad to offer you hunting for 4 different bear species in Russia. A Bear is actually a national personification for Russia, used in cartoons and articles and dramatic plays at least since the 17th century. Brown bear is one of the most widespread, well-known and popular animals in Russia. Whether you choose to hunt for European, Amur, Siberian or giant Kamchatka Bear we’ll provide the best hunting grounds and top level service.
Come join our bear, elk, moose, snow sheep and many more hunting

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