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Sweethope, Borders,  Kelso,  United Kingdom, Pigeon, Pheasant, Duck, Woodcock

Sweethope, Borders

Kelso, United Kingdom
Pigeon, Pheasant, Duck, Woodcock

The shoot area extends over more than 400 hectares (1000 acres) of rolling farmland, using both young and mature woodlands, as well as planted game cover. There are also two small duck flighting ponds and an area of wetland, part of Lurgie Loch.

This array of habitats means that there is a range of sporting opportunities on offer in addition to pheasants (both wild and reared). These include partridge, woodcock, snipe, duck, pigeon, rabbit and hare as well as roe deer stalking.

By special arrangement, any game shot during your visit may be smoked by the Tombuie Smokehouse, part of Hardiesmill.

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