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SYC Sporting Outfitters, ,  Argentina, White faced duck, Mallard, Pigeon, Dove, Duck, Yellowbilled duck, Teal, Wildfowl

SYC Sporting Outfitters

, Argentina
White faced duck, Mallard, Pigeon, Dove, Duck, Yellowbilled duck, Teal, Wildfowl

Don’t waste time on transfers
Why bounce along rutted roads in a cramped van for an hour (each way) to hunt doves in Argentina? Our dove hunting fields are just minutes from our hunting lodge in Cordoba and they’re bursting with millions of doves! Dove shooting in Argentina is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences available for the wingshooter. This is where hunters forge life-long memories over the barrel-burning action of the world’s best high volume dove shooting adventures.

Are you up for the adventure? Plan your Argentina dove hunt with us at El Cortijo resort, where the hunt of a lifetime is only 2 minutes away.

High volume dove hunting
Over the last 10 years, the province of Cordoba has become the most popular destination in the world for dove hunting. More than 50 million doves reside in this beautiful land and government studies show that the population is continuing to grow.

Don’t be surprised to see 3 to 4 million doves a day!
Feeding 50 million doves is no small feat and, as a result, they consume up to 30% of the crops each year. For this reason, the locals consider them pests and dove hunting season is open all year to control the doves population.

Like any prime real estate opportunity, the best dove hunting has much to do with location. Not only should hunting fields be close to dove roosts, feed and water, but also for the comfort and enjoyment of the hunter, they need to be close to the dove hunting lodge.
This is where SYC Sporting beats other Argentina outfitters hands-down: Our hunting area is located northeast of Cordoba city on an agricultural plain that abounds in corn, wheat, sorghum, sunflower, and soy bean fields—all of the dove’s favorite foods! Plus there are plenty of water sources. During August through February, the birds constantly move to and from the roosting area. At this time of the year, you can expect to see several million doves each day, and enjoy incredible shooting opportunities within a 2-minute walk of your room! From April to July, morning hunts take place in the grain fields. Afternoon hunts take place in fields near roost areas 10-15 minutes from our dove hunting lodge.

1,000 shots per day any day of the year!
Because there are so many birds, you can practice all kinds of shots, and it’s common to go through 1,000 shells, and more, per day. This makes dove hunting in Argentina an experience unlike any other in the world and we invite you to experience it in style!. Have you seen our guests dove hunting records? Take a look to get an idea of how many doves will you hunt in just one day!

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