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The Webb Farm, Ellerbe,  United States, Quail

The Webb Farm


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Ellerbe, United States

Located on 1500 acres in south central North Carolina where the sandy rolling hills of wiregrass and longleaf pine transition into open hardwood canopies, small scattered fields and rocky bedded streams of the Pee Dee River Valley, The Webb Farm is a wingshooting experience unique to North Carolina and one of the noted quail hunting venues of the South.
Complementing the visual outdoor experience is the ambiance of the classic, comfortable, well-appointed 19th century style Lodge completed in 2006. From the great room with stone fireplace to the wide front porch with rockers overlooking beautiful ponds and fields of quail cover, it is a great place to relax after a special day afield.
This total experience naturally flows from our goal and our passion to preserve the North Carolina wingshooting tradition as our family and others have enjoyed in the Sandhills for generation after generation.
Yes, it is a special place to get away from it all, with family, lifetime hunting buddies, or business friends that need to know just how much their relationship means to you.
Join us, and revel in a frosty morning with fresh brewed coffee mingled with the smell of cooking bacon, worn boots, unsheathed doubles, tall tales, milo fields, broom sedge borders, great shots made, and friendly reminders of those shots missed, and covey after covey of bobwhite quail. For they are truly here.
The day ends as a brace is frozen on point, eyes ablaze, nostrils flared . . . picture perfect. You approach this magnificent scene with double gun ready, heart pounding like a piledriver and a football in your throat.
Robert Ruark aptly penned your next step as “the world explodes, and a billion bits of it fly out in front of you, tiny brown bits with the Thunder of Jove in each wing”.
The double barks. An explosion of brown feathers is accented by the golden rays of winter’s late afternoon light.
Our passion has become your passion.
– Bill Webb

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  • John 20 Jun 2015


    • Species quality and density
    • How well was your event organised
    • How good was service and hospitality
    • Beauty of the destination
    • Value for money

    The Webb Farm is owned and operated by Bill and Debbie Webb, and run by Debbie and her capable staff of chefs, dog handlers. guides, waitresses, and farm manager. You hunt from a Kawaski Mule, rigged with high seats and a dog box so you can see all the action of the brace of dogs hunting the southern cover. The birds are not put and take, but rather raised scientifically on the farm and number anywhere from 5 to 10 thousand when the season opens in October. Your driver is your guide and safety is paramount. It is gentlemanly hunting as it should be.