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Wagonhound Outfitting, Douglas,  United States, Bear, Mule deer, Antelope, Elk

Wagonhound Outfitting

Douglas, United States
Bear, Mule deer, Antelope, Elk

Welcome to Wagonhound Land and Livestock, a working ranch with some of the top American Quarter Horses and Red Angus cattle in the country, and operations spanning more than 200,000 acres.

Named for a creek that runs through it, Wagonhound Land and Livestock is headquartered 20 miles south of Douglas, Wyoming, along the Laramie Range of the Rocky Mountains. Wagonhound Creek received its name due to the number of wagons on the nearby Oregon Trail that, while crossing the creek, broke their “hounds,” the part of the wagon that connects the tongue and axle.

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