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Widrig Outfitters,  Whitehorse,  Canada, Dall sheep, Grizzly, Moose, Caribou

Widrig Outfitters

Whitehorse, Canada
Dall sheep, Grizzly, Moose, Caribou

We offer a classic horseback hunt that is strictly Fair Chase….. no Argos, four wheelers, helicopters or two way radio communication. Our hard working horses are gentle and well suited to rugged mountain terrain. All hunting is done from mobile spike camps (tents) with equipment carried in by packhorses. We have two major base camp complexes, at Goz and Bonnet Plume Lake. Hunters begin their adventure here and later can relax in comfort at the end of their trip. Running a Yukon based outfitting business is a full time, hands on job. Our staff of guides, wrangler, base camp cook, and Whitehorse expediter will work hard to fulfill hunter’s expectations. Hunts can be physically tough, but the rewards far exceed the trophies brought home. We facilitate an adventure which can produce lifetime memories, as evidenced by the numerous magazine articles, books and videos profiling our operation. So come on up and collect some memories with us…..a wilderness hunt the way it should be!

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