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Africa Quest Tours

Palli House Nyerere, Kenya
Wahoo, Marlin, Kingfish, Tuna, Yellowfin...

Big Game Fishing: The East African game fishing season lasts most of the year from July to sometime in May. There are two seasons – from mid-March to November, the southeast wind blows – called by locals as the ‘Kusi’, and there is a cool feel to the air. The northeast wind, the ‘Kaskazi’ blows the rest of the time and during this period; the seas are warmer and relatively calm. Game Fish – Travelers en route to their destination Most of the game fish in the East African waters are not resident and are actually just passing through our waters towards their destination. They too are a kind of tourist species! Therefore, even though there are historical records to verify when a particular species appears along the coastal waters, there is always some amount of uncertainty. Game fish are also known to appear at times of the year when they are least supposed to. The main Billfish – Sail fish and Marlin season runs from November to mid or late March, but Sailfish and Black Marlin often come inshore in numbers in August – and this season has proved to be fantastic for Black Marlin in the past few years. Fishing for Trophies: The ultimate record in East African fishing circles is the bill-fish family, which includes sail fish, black, blue, striped and white marlin, spearfish and broad-bill swordfish. The Kenyan coast has six of the seven which is quite unique. Many record-aspirants try and catch as many of these different types in one day as they can: three is a ‘Grand Slam’, four a ‘Super Slam’ and five (- which hasn’t been achieved to date – ) would be called, a ‘Fantasy Slam’. Kenya has had loads of Grand Slams and several Super Slams.

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