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Alaska Trophy Safaris,  Alaska 1,  United States, Salmon

Alaska Trophy Safaris

Alaska 1, United States

Come experience the best salmon fishing in the world. No two words in the English language are are more thrilling than fishing on !
And at the Ayakulik river in kodiak Alaska you'll find some of the biggest chrome bright salmon anywhere in the world.
Alaska trophy safari goals to conduct trips with the highest probability of success. We do not conduct a trip we think might be unsuccessful. It is incredibly rewarding to conduct a trip with catches excellent food, and lasting friendships. Witness the untouched beauty of Alaskan wilderness! View the assortment of Alaskan wildlife including Kodiak brown bear, fox, black bear, dear, seals etc.
Because of our dedication to your success, we have been rewarded with nearly 100% satisfaction rate.

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