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Amigo's Guides & Outfitters,  Suite 4 200 Nogales,  United States, Mule deer, Coues whitetail deer, Bighorn sheep, Turkey

Amigo's Guides & Outfitters

Suite 4 200 Nogales, United States
Mule deer, Coues whitetail deer, Bighorn...

There is a maximum of 5 guests in camp per week, so no big crowds here. We are a small outfitter with one goal in mind, your success and relaxation.. On Deer & Turkey hunts, there will be a maximum of 5 hunters in camp at a time. On sheep hunts, there is a maximum of 1 hunter in camp unless you request otherwise. We ensure there is a lot of game when you hunt. One guide assists you in your quest for a trophy and one on one guide can be arranged upon booking. The guide is an expert in his field and a successful hunter himself with knowledge of both the hunt and the lands we choose to play on.

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$ 875



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