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Angel Tours, Praslin Island,  Seychelles, Wahoo, Grouper, Bonito, Tuna, Dorado, Shark, Sailfish, Trevally, Blue marlin, Great amberjack, Snapper, Jack, Black marlin

Angel Tours

Praslin Island, Seychelles
Wahoo, Grouper, Bonito, Tuna, Dorado, Sh...

Half-day Fishing: Trolling with artificial lures with 4-6 fishing rods (shimano Tiagra 50 & 80lbs line test). Duration approx 5hrs either morning (7am-12pm) or afternoon (12pm-5pm). Possible catch: pelagic fish (sailfish,tunas,wahoo,dorados,bonitos & more). Full-day Fishing: Mixed fishing: trolling and bottom fishing of 8hrs (7am-4pm). Bottom fishing involves traditional handlines with dead baits on hook.Spinning reels can also be used for bottom fishing. Possible catch: Sharks, snappers, groupers, job fish & more. Full –day Fishing at the Shelf drop-offs, 30 miles from Praslin is also possible with mixed trolling & bottom fishing. This is for enthuisiast fisherman who wants a good chance of catching big fish eg. Blue marlin & Black marlin. New Fishing Techniques (popper, fly fishing & jigging fishing trips) can also be organised for specialist fisherman who comes with all their specialized equipment, the skipper can assist in locating the good fishing spots. This can be organised as full-day fishing trips or short trips of 3-4 hrs. Possible catch: dog tooth tuna, amber jacks, shark & jackfish.

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