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Balla Balla Safaris Zambia, ,  Zambia, Oribi, Leopard, Bush buck, Hippopotamus, Grysbok, Bushpig, Warthog, Elephant, Hartebeest, Zebra, Sitatunga, Cape buffalo, Roan antelope, Blue wildebeest, Impala, Waterbuck, Lion, Reed buck, Puku, Common duiker, Crocodile, Hyena, Nyala, Civet, Greater kudu, Eland

Balla Balla Safaris Zambia

, Zambia
Oribi, Leopard, Bush buck, Hippopotamus,...

Zambia is one of Africa’s classic safari destinations offering some of the best hunting and trophies available today, in a climate that is politically stable and historically well adapted to trophy hunting. Hunting in Zambia has retained its authentic wilderness characteristics, which provides sportsmen and woman with a unique safari experience. In Zambia, you will find yourself in true African wilderness among the many wildlife species and will have the opportunity to witness indigenous people who still live in their traditional ways. It is almost as if you are taking a step back in time. Zambia is a vast country of more than 290,000 square miles, half of which is pristine wilderness inhabited by some of the most diverse wildlife in Africa. What makes Zambia so distinct from other African hunting destinations is that it is still wild Africa. The diversity of terrain includes river woodlands as well as swamps and extensive flood plains which provide one of the most exceptional and exciting selections of trophy animals to be found in a single African country. Zambia is home to many unique animals, such as the Puku, Crawshay Defassa Waterbuck, Lichtenstein Hartebeest, Chobi Bushbuck, Kafue Lechwe and Livingstone Eland. We have two private reserves in Zambia, Dendro Park Reserve and Bird Estate Reserve, both offering excellent exotic plains & big game hunting. Safaris are combo hunts, so we hunt both areas, because each area has its own unique species. Both the areas are privately owned by us, so we set our own quotas, and have not been affected by any hunting bans. Dendro Park Reserve is a true African Jewel, located deep in the Southern Zambian bush, adjacent to the world renowned Kafue National Park just over 100kms north of Kalomo town. The area is on 20,000 acres of pristine Mopane woodlands forests. Developed over 20 years ago this area now boasts over 300 head of Cape buffalo, which roam freely. Other species include Leopard, Crawshay Defassa Waterbuck, Lichtenstein Hartebeest, Chobi Bushbuck, Puku, Sharps Grysbuck, Common Reedbuck, Oribi, Blue Wildebeest, Greater Kudu, Southern Impala, Common Duiker, Warthog and Bushpig. Bird Estate Reserve is a unique destination, located in the Southern Zambian, on the Zambezi Plateau just over 30kms east of Kalomo town. The area is on 12,000 acres of pristine Miombo woodlands, forests and thickets. Developed over 10 years ago this area now boasts over 160 head of Sable Antelope and other species including Roan Antelope, Kafue Lechwe, Livingstone Eland, Lichtenstein Hartebeest, Southern Impala, Common Duiker, Bushpig, Greater Kudu, Zebra and Nyala. We invite you to come join us in the unique African hospitality at Dendro Park and Bird Estate Reserve - Zambia.

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