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Bulkley Basecamp,  Telkwa Bc,  Canada, Brown trout, Salmon, Rainbow trout, Trout

Bulkley Basecamp

Telkwa Bc, Canada
Brown trout, Salmon, Rainbow trout, Trout

The Bulkley Basecamp has a wide range of available fishing options designed to enable its anglers the best chance at adapting to the ever changing conditions in the region. The two most basic pillars of the program will entail fishing reaches of the lower Bulkley and the main Skeena near Hazleton and the mouth of the Kispiox. Both venues are near the Bulkley Basecamp and will be easy to reach early in the morning. Additionally anglers can purchase classified water tags and fish the home waters of the Suskwa unguided on weekdays. Please note that guests need to figure their way around the home waters on their own (which is easy), as guiding on the Suskwa is illegal and strictly enforced. Last but certainly not least, all anglers will have the option to charter a helicopter and fish the remote upper reaches of the Skeena or the upper Babine with a guide. While these helicopter dates will add a significant cost to the trip, guests can heli-fish as much as they like without reserving the days in advance. This type of pay-as-you-go flexibility is unique to this program and makes the Bulkley Basecamp BC’s most versatile trophy steelhead program. When fishing the upper Skeena there will be a $350 per person rod leasing fee and the fee will be $300 per person when fishing the Babine. Helicopter time and classified water licensing will be in addition to these fees. All fees will be paid on-site.

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