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Butterstone Loch,  ,  United Kingdom, Brown trout, Northern pike, Rainbow trout, Trout

Butterstone Loch

, United Kingdom
Brown trout, Northern pike, Rainbow trout, Trout

The fishery at Butterstone is a moderate sized water, probably about 70 acres in size. Its fairly featureless in terms of shape, being relatively round with two shallow bays at the opposite side from the Lodge. Its basically a large bowl which deepens towards the middle to a maximum depth of around 28feet.

What is unusual about Butterstone, in my admittedly fairly limited experience, is its near gin clear water. In English stillwaters this is the norm, in Scotland most waters have some amount of Peat Staining but there is practically none here. In all but the deeper water you can see right to the bottom when its calm.

With a water like this, fishing is going to be all bout finding the fish and depth on the day. In the shallows its going to be relatively easy to cover all the depths to about 10 feet from a floating line and work out where the fish are, but if they are lying deep like they wer eon my recent visit you need to be prepared to adjust your approach accordingly- move to find the deep water and get on the bottom with a sinking line.

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