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Chequertree Trout Fishery,  Nr Ashford,  United Kingdom, Trout, Other fish

Chequertree Trout Fishery

Nr Ashford, United Kingdom
Trout, Other fish

The Chequertree Fishery has been established for over twenty five years and is well known for its excellent facilities including providing both coarse and trout fishing. The facilities compare extremely well with other commercially run fishing lakes in the UK, and so attract day visitors, including open match competitions, and Angling Club match days, as well as bringing to the area week and weekend visitors.
At Chequertree we attract a wide range of visitors, including experienced fishermen, beginners, the young and old alike, families, the disabled, and just about anyone seeking rest and relaxation whilst enjoying the passion of angling.
Our lakes are well stocked with Common, Mirror, Crucian, Leather and Grass Carp, Rudd, Roach, Bream, Tench and Perch.
Carp [up to 32lbs] Tench [up to 8lbs] Bream [up to 8lbs] Chub [up to 6lbs] Perch [up to 5lbs] Roach [up to 3lbs] Rudd [up to 2lbs]

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