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Crooked & Acklins Trophy Lodge,  Crooked Island,  The Bahamas, Shark, Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, Snapper, Jack, Barracuda

Crooked & Acklins Trophy Lodge

Crooked Island, The Bahamas
Shark, Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, Snapper, Jack, Barracuda

With nearly 50000 acres of flats, the islands of the Bahamas have the largest bonefishing area in the world. These great fish, often sizeable, thrive on the nutrients produced by one of the richest environments of our planet, the flats and mangrove areas irrigated on a daily basis by the rich waters of the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, flowing along and between the 700 islands and 2500 cays. Fly fishing opportunities are endless. Besides busy New Providence and its capital Nassau and Grand Bahama Island, its extension, the Out Islands as they are also called, are only sparsely populated.

You will discover two islands that are probably among the most pristine and least heralded, Crooked Island and Acklins. The two form a vast atoll with a circumference of just over 140 miles. Located in the southeastern portion of the Bahamas, the “Bight of Acklins” and its huge lagoon are encompassed by Crooked Island, Acklins and Long Cay, totaling some 108 square miles! The islands are located less than 60 miles from the Haitian and Cuban coastlines, respectively… Crooked Island with its 250 inhabitants is quite a far-flung and tranquil place.

Nature is particularly pristine and beautiful. On many occasions will you be able to spot pink flamingos on the flats. Landing at Crooked Island is a superb and impressive experience, as the water depth of the huge lagoon does not exceed 10 feet so the vistas are truly breathtaking.

C&A Trophy Lodge is a small fishing lodge on the remote Crooked Island. We are right on a beautiful white sandy beach and we offer to our guest to discover one of the best fishery in the Bahamas!

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