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Domaine De Bois Joli,  Lot Et Garonne,  France, Wildebeest, Wild boar, Partridge, Pheasant

Domaine De Bois Joli

Lot Et Garonne, France
Wildebeest, Wild boar, Partridge, Pheasant

What a hunt ... thank you for your invitation Jean! 8:15 am in Toury in the 28, direction a farm in beauce the first contact with the owner of the place is very encouraging for this day of November 7 "today we should do 200 hares!" It is true that the territory to A very high density of hare, each year it carries out 2 hunts a year. The technique of hunting is the hunting in "cauldron" or "round of beauce" that consists of surrounding each time an area of ​​about 80 ha to 100 ha (we have done this table in 4 beatings). The hunters converge slowly towards the center of this circle, many hares remain carpet in our passage,

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