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Ecuagringo, Ecuador, Marlin, Tuna, Yellowfin tuna, Blackfin tuna, Black marlin


Marlin, Tuna, Yellowfin tuna, Blackfin tuna, Black marlin

The Galapagos Islands were the source inspiration and field study for British explorer and scientist Charles Darwin. It was while comparing and studying little birds called finches that Darwin noticed differences in their bill structure and feeding habits. These subtle differences were compared to finches on mainland South America. Darwin concluded that birds and animals evolve over time to adapt to changing habitats. Evolution was the key to survival and thus Darwin’s controversial Origin of the Species idea was put into print.

Today the Galapagos Islands are arguably best known for their vast wildlife, volcanoes, diverse geography, sea lions, equatorial penguins, diving, snorkeling, cruising and fishing. Whatever your adventure style, you are sure to find something for everyone in the Galapagos. You will be able to chose from our popular packages to fish, explore and tour or be advised by one of our travel specialist on building a custom itinerary just for you!
The Galapagos Islands are one of the safest places to visit and bring the whole family in South America. Crime is low or virtually non existent on most islands making it a great alternative to crime prone destinations like US Virgin Islands and the Caribbean.

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