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Epic Andorra,  84 Ed. Estanyons 3 – 10,  Andorra, Salmon, Trout

Epic Andorra

84 Ed. Estanyons 3 – 10, Andorra
Salmon, Trout

The fishing season starts with the arrival of spring in Andorra.
Actually fishing is an option with us from the middle of March until well into November.
We will find you the best lakes, ponds and rivers in Andorra where you can fish and keep your catch or throw it back
In the country there are actually 15 zones of controlled fishing, four of which are intensive. There are three zones for natural fishing and three where the catch is returned to the water.
You can go fly fishing at 2000M. Fly fishing is a specialty that the catch gets thrown back into the water. We can introduce you to it if you have never tried it.
The local trout (Salmon trutta fario) is the most common amongst the salmon species that are found in the Andorran rivers and lakes.
Two other types of trout can be fished from our waters. Truita de rierol (Salvelinus fontinalis) or Truita Irisada (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
WARNING: Fishing in Andorra requires a fishing license. This can be acquired at the government offices in Andorra town ( c/ Prat de la Creu nº 62 ), at any tourist office or other authorised entities in the country. We can help you with this procedure.
As you can see we can take care of everything, except the fish,whether they nibble at the bait is up to you.

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