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Equipage Du Fief Pelouse,  Dimanche,  France, Deer

Equipage Du Fief Pelouse

Dimanche, France

Better late than never
The Crew of the Fief Lawn was created in 1988 by Mr. Gilbert Barbereau and some friends to hunt deer to the current dog.
Originally, the pack consisted of a heterogeneous set of dogs, mostly from shooting.
After a few years of letting in the forest of Breteuil on Iton, then of Reno-Valdieu, the Crew fixed in Forest of Bord-Louviers. It was then that he made the choice to create a rather unusual dog pack, type "Penmarydel". It is a crossbreed of French dogs Saint Hubert and Poitevin giving dogs to the nose fine and fast, all of black dress and fire "black and tan".
The Crew's outfit consists of an amaranth waistcoat, black panties and a black frock coat with amaranth facing. The marching band is of course called "La Fief Lael".

The Crew has about twenty Buttons, and as many sympathizers, from all socio-professional backgrounds.

The kennel is located in Chamblac, near Bernay in the Eure, home of the writer Jean de La Varende. It houses 50 declared dogs. Every year, about fifteen pups are raised to ensure the succession and improve the Pack.

Trotters, unskilled for the most part, or reformed race for some, serve as mount for the Buttons and thus know a happy reconversion. Their qualities make them good hunting horses because they are sure of foot, very enduring, confident and often they take to the game.

Out of 50 outings, about thirty deer are taken per season.

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