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Estancia Aguila Blanca, Lavalleja,  Uruguay, Dorado, Rainbow trout, Catfish

Estancia Aguila Blanca

Lavalleja, Uruguay
Dorado, Rainbow trout, Catfish

Estancia aguila blanca is a 1000 hectare cattle ranch situated in the hilly district of lavalleja, an authentic uruguayan homely ranch. The estancia aguila blanca opens its doors to those who seek a peaceful rest place, as well as those who seek new experiences and adventure. There is a wide variety of activities which make your stay always seem too short. Enjoy gaucho traditions, home-made food, and incredible experiences while visiting the estancia. The estancia is open all year round and it´s guests are always received by the owners.our aim is to reach a full home grown, made food, we raise our cattle and sheep, grow most of the vegetables, fruits, our own milk, make home-made marmalades and dulce de leche. We also make our butter, cheeses and bread.

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