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Estonian Hunting Tours,  Harju County,  Estonia, Wolf, Badger, Brown hare, Roe deer, Raccoon dog, Elk, Fox, Red deer, Bear, Wild boar, Snipe, Hazel grouse, Mallard, Wigeon, Woodcock, Teal, Goose, Grey partridge, Pheasant, Duck, Greylag goose, Canada goose, Coot

Estonian Hunting Tours

Harju County, Estonia
Wolf, Badger, Brown hare, Roe deer, Racc...

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The variety of game species and a large hunting area guarantee a excellent quality hunting experience. Numerous game populations have been preserved here which is unique compared to the rest of Europe. At the same time Estonians appreciate their nature and see to it that animals are taken care of and the principles of responsible hunting are followed. Enjoy chase with Estonian Hunting Tours!

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