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Felis Company,  Lithuania,  Lithuania, Wolf, Brown bear, Roe deer, Lynx, Moose, Red deer, Wild boar, Woodcock, Grey partridge, Capercaillie, Duck

Felis Company

Lithuania, Lithuania
Wolf, Brown bear, Roe deer, Lynx, Moose,...

Personal enterprise of Antanas Truskauskas – Hunting Bureau FELIS – was established by dedicated Lithuanian hunter Antanas Truskauskas in 1992. Mr. Truskauskas got his education as a forestry specialist in Lithuanian Agriculture Academy; hunting is his lifelong activity – he’s hunting for decades, has achieved Trophy Expert qualification (is a CIC Senior Trophy Expert), is a lifetime member of Safari Club International and have got numerous SCI awards. He have hunted worldwide in all continents and was the organiser of numerous hunting trips of his clients.

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