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Greenland Extreme,  Quassunnguaq 44,  Greenland, Musk ox, Caribou, Char, Salmon, Trout

Greenland Extreme

Quassunnguaq 44, Greenland
Musk ox, Caribou, Char, Salmon, Trout

By boat or by helicopter? You decide how you wish to be transported to Greenland’s best fishing spots.
Depending on whether it’s early or late summer, Arctic char can be fished both in saltwater and in freshwater rivers.
The fish is best caught in river estuaries and where lakes and rivers meet. As a rule of thumb, Arctic char are found where food is plenty,
the water is deep enough to cover the dorsal fins and where the water is relatively still.

At Greenland Extreme you get qualified advice and guidance, and you decide yourself if you wish to go on a day trip, a weekend trip or trips lasting a whole week, prices will be depending on equipment, location and the fish you wish to catch.

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