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Hambare Lodge,  Esquina,  Argentina, Antelope, Axis deer, Wild boar, Partridge, Dove, Duck, Dorado, Salmon, Trout, Buffalo

Hambare Lodge

Esquina, Argentina
Antelope, Axis deer, Wild boar, Partridg...

"Best anglers & hunters destination in argentina" sportsmen looking for more of a mixed bag will surely enjoy hambare lodge, where they can go fly fishing for "dorados" and or cat fish “surubi”, do wing shooting duck, doves, pigeons, partridge, snipe and bow hunt turkey or hunt for mediterranean buffaloes and wild pigs. The rohner family provides guests with personalized first-class hosting services at their beautiful lodge, where guests often end up their day of activities overlooking the stunning sunsets at the corriente river. This unique operation is also successful because of the time put in for scouting fields, rivers and habitat to ensure guests will have their best experience. Hambare, located in esquina right by the corriente river, provides one of the best atmospheres for hunting and fishing in argentina.

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$ 2,200


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