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Hunnia Co. Ltd.,  Somoty County,  Hungary, Wolf, Brown hare, Brown bear, Roe deer, Lynx, Fox, Fallow deer, Mouflon sheep, Red deer, Wild boar, Mallard, Goose, Grey partridge, Pheasant, Dove, Duck, Coot

Hunnia Co. Ltd.

Somoty County, Hungary
Wolf, Brown hare, Brown bear, Roe deer, ...

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HUNNIA Co Ltd. Is the first private hunting agency in Hungary, founded in the year of 1989. The long years of professional experience in the field of hunting enable us to organize excellent hunts in Hungary, Rumania and Austria. The key to our success is that we organize hunting in 100 different state-owned and private hunting grounds of Hungary. Our drives for wild boars and pheasants are organized in grounds that we have taken on lease for many years.

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