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Hunting Downunder,  Rd4 Napier,  New Zealand, Deer, Sika deer, Tahr, Fallow deer, Chamois, Wild boar, Turkey, Peacock bass, Trout

Hunting Downunder

Rd4 Napier, New Zealand
Deer, Sika deer, Tahr, Fallow deer, Cham...

Welcome to HUNTING DOWNUNDER, leaders in Red Stag and Big Game hunting in New Zealand offering a hunting concession in a relaxing environment that works on a ‘quality not quantity’ attitude with a maximum of 4 hunters (or 2 parties) being in camp at any one time to ensure that ‘personal touch’. Over the last 6 years, HUNTING DOWNUNDER has been very successful in guiding clients onto trophy Red, Fallow and Sika Stags, as well as all the other big and small game animals New Zealand has to offer in both Freerange and Estate environments. Not only do we offer amazing hunting opportunities, but we also have New Zealand’s highest naturally stocked river for trout in our backyard, the mighty Mohaka!!. During your experience with HUNTING DOWNUNDER you will hunt with professional guides that are here because they love it. It’s not a job to us, it’s a passion! HUNTING DOWNUNDER is located in ‘the sunny Hawkes Bay’ region on the East Coast of the North Island, New Zealand, a comfortable one hour drive from Napier airport – where you’ll be picked up at the beginning of your hunt of a lifetime!.

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