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Iktus,  64110 Laroin,  France, Sturgeon, Carp, Catfish


64110 Laroin, France
Sturgeon, Carp, Catfish

In Southern France, near the city of Pau (Aquitaine), lies the Carp venue called Iktus. The property has a total area of 140 Hectares (> 300 acres) with the magnificent 60 year old gravel pit called Iktus Carp of 35 Hectares (87 acres). Open all year long, the lake has 15 double swims, of which 2 are always kept free, this allows you to move around a little. The water, running down from the Pyrenees is very clear and of an extremely high quality and the lake has depths ranging between 1m and 10m and is over 1.5 km long.
The fish stock consists of about 1,200 Common and Mirror Carp and between 20 lbs and 73 lbs, with an average weight around 35 lbs. There are Catfish up to 200 lbs, Siberian sturgeon up to 75 lbs and Transmontanus Sturgeon up to 130 lbs+.

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