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Isla Fresia Hunting Lodge,  Isla Fresia,  Chile, Wild goat, Fallow deer, Mouflon sheep, Red deer, Salmon, Trout

Isla Fresia Hunting Lodge

Isla Fresia, Chile
Wild goat, Fallow deer, Mouflon sheep, Red deer, Salmon, Trout

Settled by Austrian immigrants in the late 1930's and surrounded by sometimes intensely blue, sometimes ominously gray, and at times mirror-like waters, Isla Fresia (Fresia Island) nestles close to the north-eastern shore of Lake Puyehue, with the Andes stretching to the east, and five snow-capped volcanoes rising far above mountains covered by temperate rain forest.
The island itself is hilly, partially covered by native forest and by large expanses of grassy meadows, occupying an area of roughly 1,000 acres of unfenced land. It is here, in the midst of Chile's lake region, 600 miles south of Santiago, the country's capital and international entry point, that Red Stags, Fallow Deer, Mufflon Sheep, and Wild Goats were introduced many years ago and have since multiplied to create hunting grounds of sometimes pastoral, sometimes haunting beauty. At the island lodge, guests are offered custom packages including a selection of the above-described game, in addition to lodging and meals in an atmosphere of privacy and warm hospitality. Packages include hosting of our guests' complete stay in the country. We can arrange all pickups (if desired), licensing of fire arms and trophies, and domestic travel. English, German, and Spanish are spoken.
We restrict capacity to ensure privacy, quality of trophies, and the safety of our visitors. We accept only one hunting party at a time on our island, consisting of a maximum of two hunters and their non-hunting company. Deer hunting season is from mid March to early August. Mufflon sheep and wild goat hunts are available year around.

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