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JJ Caceria,  ,  Argentina, Axis deer, Wild goat, Sheep, Water buffalo, Four horned sheep, Feral goat, Fallow deer, Red deer, Blackbuck antelope, Wild boar, Dove, Rainbow trout, Buffalo

JJ Caceria


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, Argentina
Axis deer, Wild goat, Sheep, Water buffa...
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JJ Caceria is a company run by its owners with headquarters in Cordoba, Argentina, but we have our operation in three different provinces to guarantee the success of the hunting program of your choice. We know the time and money it takes to organize a hunting trip abroad. This is why José Luis, Mónica and Roberto Grasso, the owners of JJ Caceria, together with the unmatched help of Layne Balke in the USA, will make sure you come back home full of wonderful experiences and adventures you’ll never forget. It is our constant goal to be your first choice for our wingshooting opportunities, always striving to make the dream of every dove hunter all over the world come true.

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