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JP Henry Charters,  L'estuaire,  Mauritius, Wahoo, Tuna, Yellowfin tuna, Dorado, Sailfish, Tiger shark, Blue shark, Skipjack tuna, Pacific blue marlin, Hammerhead shark, Striped marlin, Shortfin mako shark, Black marlin

JP Henry Charters

L'estuaire, Mauritius
Wahoo, Tuna, Yellowfin tuna, Dorado, Sai...

JP HENRY CHARTERS LTD, on the west coast of Mauritius, is ideally situated, offering some of the world’s best fishing action within a few miles from the coral barrier reef. - An unforgettable experience awaits you by discovering the west coast on board the Madianas, our magnificent luxury catamarans. Explore the coves and stunning lagoons of the Mauritian coastline, where dolphins are often to be seen and do some snorkelling in crystal clear waters. Then sail on to the famous "Bénitier Island" where you will relax and enjoy a mouth-watering seafood barbecue in total comfort. - Ideal for two couples, our open space Explorer eighteen footer is the ideal boat to get around the mauritian islands and shallow lagoons. Powered with a 150HP outboard engine, your chosen destination(s) will only be a few minutes away. You can enjoy the huge western lagoon around îlot Béniter or cruise over the shallow waters near îlot Bernache in the north of the island. You can even go shopping in Grand Bay in our Explorer speedboat, a much more enjoyable way than road transport. Explorer is also now available on the East Coast of Mauritius to give our clients the ultimate choice in lagoon cruises.

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